Super-PID v2 features

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Closed-loop router speed controller

Super-PID is a closed loop speed controller that allows low-cost 1/4" and 1/2" routers
to be used as speed-regulated spindles.

Super-PID bridges the gap between expensive VFD spindles and low cost
unregulated routers that have very poor low speed performance.

The addition of a Super-PID to your router setup allows the use of lower cutting
RPM, quiet operation, exact regulated speeds and gives massive
power improvements when operating 1/4" and 1/2" routers at low speeds.

Super-PID uses a reflective optical infra-red sensor that is simply pointed
at the router output shaft and detects a spot of white paint on the shaft.
This enables closed-loop speed control and a microprocessor chip inside
the Super-PID executes an industrial style P.I.D. algorithm to give precise
speed control with dramatically increased power at low and medium revs.

You are no longer limited to burning wood and melting plastic at 20000 RPM
- now you can cut QUIETLY with usable power as low as 5000 RPM!